Why You Need a Shaving Subscription

Thick mustaches and long beards have successfully made a comeback, but the clean-shaven look has never gone out of style.  In fact, shaving has improved its game, with online shaving clubs and shaving subscriptions ruling the market for the past few years now. Rather than looking for a place to buy shaver online, men and women can buy a complete package in the form of a subscription box.

What is a shaving subscription box?

Shaving subscription boxes address the grooming needs of men and women who are always on-the-go, and have no time to go to a barbershop or salon. These are budget-friendly packages containing shaving essentials sent monthly or quarterly. They contain a shaving razor, blades, gels, creams and even hair shampoos and lotions.
The shaving subscription box that you get depends on your preference and budget. If you’re the type who thinks shaving is a chore that you want to easily get over with, you can order a simpler package. But if you’re an avid shaver that treats shaving like a sacred ritual, a premium package would suit you better.

What makes it better than going to the grocery or the barbershop?

The subscription boxes in themselves are high-quality, compared to what you’d find commercially available. The companies that offer them are solely dedicated to the business of shaving, so their products cater to the precise needs of the market. Here are just some of the good things you’ll find in them:
  • They offer three-blade, four-blade, or even five-blade razor to help you get that precise trim.
  • They include a bunch of refill blades
  • Creams and gels are basics.
  • Guys and gals who are more particular about shaving can include post-shave scrubs, beard oils, balms, soaps, shampoos and brushes in their package.
A lot of shaving clubs offer customisable subscription boxes tailored to the needs of their clients. So if you subscribe, you get to choose what’s included and the frequency of the delivery. Aside from the items, you can even choose how they look. There are shaving clubs that let you choose what kind of razor handle you’ll be getting! Avid shavers can start their own collections thanks to these stylish subscription boxes.
Signing up for a subscription box means signing up for a shaving club membership. As a member of a shaving club, you get a lot of benefits, including freebies and discounts.
Finally, getting a shaving subscription saves you lots of money and time. Rather than commute or drive to the shop or salon, you can do the shaving at home. And you don’t need to worry about taking a trip to the grocery or drugstore, because everything is delivered right at your doorstep.

Is there a shaving club here in Asia?

Shaving clubs started out in the United States and the United Kingdom, and have made their way here. So there’s no need for you to buy expensive imported items.

How much do shaving subscription boxes cost in Singapore?

They are priced between $9 to $15.