Why Eating Healthier Makes You Feel Better

Eating healthier means including the more nutritious versions of the various food groups in your diet, rather than the normal and calorie-dense parts. For example, it means having lean meat with steamed vegetables and brown rice, rather than pork fat and two cups of white rice. It also means eating until you feel full enough, and not when your stomach feels like bursting at the seams.

Initially, shifting to healthier eating sounds really tedious and boring. However, thinking about how it can reward your body, mind, and soul makes the effort worthwhile and exciting. Below is a list of rewards we get when we eat healthier.

First, it makes you more energetic. Having a breakfast meal high in simple carbohydrates and refined sugars make you feel energetic when you start working in the morning. However, it makes you feel sleepy and lethargic after lunch. That’s because the intake of unhealthy carbs and sugar causes blood sugars to spike then crash. A better way to start your day is by eating breakfast full of fresh fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates like Kinmemai Japanese rice. These types of food provide energy longer without affecting your blood sugar.

Having slow-burn carbohydrates for snacks and lean meat during lunch also helps you power yourself through afternoon meetings and until the day ends. By becoming more energetic, you get to accomplish more at work with a positive attitude. It also allows you to engage in a more active lifestyle and spend more time with friends and family after work.

Another reason for eating healthy is that it helps you maintain your mental health. According to professors from Columbia University and Deakin University, having an unhealthy diet increases the risk of dementia, depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. A study by Harvard University shows that unhealthy foods cause oxidative stress on the brain and impairs brain function, leading it to develop mood disorders such as depression. On the other hand, eating fresh produce and nutrient-rich foods such as Kinmemai brown rice helps us maintain good mental health. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in healthier food protect our body and mind from oxidative stress which leads to mental degeneration.

Finally, eating healthier helps you live a longer life. By eating healthy foods, you lower your risk for diabetes, heart problems, and even cancer. When a person is in his or her prime, he or she does not think of these things. That’s why you see teens enjoying multiple cups of coffee frappes while studying, or workers in their thirties consuming oily Murtabak after work. However, when illnesses hit them, that’s when they think back to what they ate when they were younger. By eating healthier earlier, you get to live longer without regrets nor fear of sickness.

Thankfully, eating healthier is easier now here in Singapore with more choices such as Kinmemai rice, organic farms, superfood groceries and restaurants that promote healthy living.

Start eating healthier today and you’ll see how it can make you feel better.