Study Tips To Help You Become a Better Student

Developing study habits is important to help you achieve your schooling and career goals. Having good study habits helps you in three important ways. First, it makes schooling easier and may help you land good grades. Second, habits help you learn important tasks in your future career. Finally, good study habits contribute to your overall learning. Learning is lifelong, so you need to cultivate the right habits for it.

Here are tips to help you develop good study habits and become a better student:

  1. Set your goals and create a study plan.

    One of the good things about Singapore’s educational system is that it helps you identify academic goals based on where you are now – whether you’re at a JC, polytechnic, or studying in a university. Knowing what you are aiming for helps you create a learning strategy that will help you reach it. For example, if you’re entering an average-ranked JC and want to take up Economics in one of the country’s prestigious universities in the future, then you have to craft a study plan that will guarantee your entry. You can ask the help of a parent or study mentor in creating a study plan catered to your goals. If you are attending tuition, you may ask your tutor if or he she can help you out with this.

  2. Create a study schedule.

    Between attending school, tuition, and having a social life, you need to actively make time for self-studying. Your study schedule should include your study location and timeframe for each subject.

  3. Know your learning behavior.

    Your study strategy will only work if you understand how you learn. Aside from creating a study schedule, you should also identify your learning behaviors that will help you understand what you are studying.
    Learning behaviors are based on our senses and logic. For example, visual learners study using illustrations and images, while kinesthetic learners move and touch to learn better. Verbal learners like speaking and writing, while logical learners use logic and systems when studying. Logical learners are fond of using reasoning and systems to understand their studies.
    Your learning behavior also depends on the people you’ll be studying with. Social learners study better in groups, while solitary learners prefer to study by themselves.

  4. Look for the right study location.

    For starters, the right study location has to be near your school and residence. It’s also important that it has the right lighting and resources such as Wi-Fi, powerpoints, printers and photocopiers. It also has to have different study spaces available, to cater to social and solitary learners. It’s also great if you could find a study location that allows you relax, meditate and eat.

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