Reasons Why You Should Grow a Beard

Seeing men with beards is something that is very common now. The advent of sophisticated men’s grooming a few years back has made maintaining beards easier. Men’s grooming is now very advanced. Aside from pomade, hair gels, and shaving razors, we also now have beard oils and mustache waxes.

However, this was not always the case. Almost a couple of centuries ago, beards started to decline in the United States and Europe. Then, in the 1900s, clean and safe razors became available in the market. It is only now that the beard is back and in full force.

A good-looking and well-styled beard complements a man’s sense of style, hence it would good look on anything he wears. If you still need convincing why you need to grow scruff, then take a look at the reasons why you should:

Makes you feel masculine.

Wearing a beard has been a sign of masculinity throughout history. It makes you feel tough and naturally rugged. And when you feel masculine, you feel like you could do more. Which leads us to our second reason.

Gives you that alpha male mindset.

Jesus Christ, Confucius, Former US president Abraham Lincoln, Former Cuban President Fidel Castro, the painter Leonardo da Vinci and philosophers Socrates and Karl Marx are some of the most famous beards of all time. Each of them left a legacy in this world – something that is very alpha.

Growing a beard gives you that feeling that you can conquer the world. Because you feel very masculine, you will be emboldened to work harder, make more crucial decisions and generally move to create a better life for you and the people around you. Having a beard makes you feel more powerful and confident.

Gives you a more distinct personality.

Having a beard gives you a more distinct personality. It makes you stand out from the crowd and gets you more praise, desire, and respect from men and women alike. According to a study by The University of South Wales, women find bearded men more protective and suitable to fatherhood. That means women see you as capable of handling very difficult and long-term responsibilities in relationships and child-rearing.

Men on the other hand, deem other men with beards as respectable figures of authority. They see bearded fellows as cultured, refined and wise. That’s probably why fictional protagonists always bearded figures as their mentors. Frodo had Gandalf, Harry Potter had Professor Dumbledore, and Jon Snow had Lord Commander Mormont.

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