Instant Confidence Boosting Tips For the Modern Male

Men seem to get less attention nowadays while the modern women continue to rise and break glass ceiling after glass ceiling. We’re all for gender equality and all that jazz, but for a moment, let’s appreciate the men a little and give some instant confidence boosting tips for the modern male.

These are not the lame tips like “believe in yourself”, “self hypnotise yourself into being more confident” or “get fit, pump iron and get six packs” that would either be ineffective or take some time. As the title says they are instant, and they boost confidence.

1. Check your posture.

Your body language and posture can temporarily ‘fix’ your inner state. Stand up, straighten your posture, ‘open’ up your chest, look to the sky, stretch out your arms as if you wanna give a big hug, the biggest hug you can ever give, stay there for a minute or so.

2. Change to smarter clothes.

Manners may maketh the man, but clothes do too. The feeling you get when being dressed up in just t-shirts and shorts versus being dressed up in a proper suit with proper shoes is a vast difference. You don’t have to go all out and dress like the Kingsmen everywhere you go. Dress just a tad, a little more, or ‘above’ what is appropriate or normal for the occasion.

Make sure your clothes fit you just right, to give you the comfort that goes a long way in giving you confidence. Clothes that are too tight or make you look like a teenager whose Grandpa just gave him some clothes aren’t contributing to your self-esteem.

3. Manage that facial hair.

We won’t get into the beard or no beard or facial hair VS no facial hair debate, but, whatever your preference is, if you look good shaved, go and shave. If you look good with facial hair, groom it, manage it, trim it, do whatever it takes to make that facial hair actually enhance – not put an ugly stain on – your appearance. What do we want? A handsome Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean look, not the ‘Taleban’ look. You get the idea.

Sometimes getting the appropriate facial hair management tools goes a long way. Don’t just limit yourself to whatever options are available at the local supermarket. Get the right shavers, be it a straight razor or an electric razor.

4. Manage that hair.

Pretty basic. Go to a professional barber, ideally one of those trending ‘vintage barbers‘ or an actual hair salon. Consult the hair expert what hairstyle matches your face and looks. Then get him or her to recommend the right gel, cream, mousse or pomade appropriate for your hair. And ask her to style the hair for you after the cut, then next time you follow that style yourself.

5. Manage that breath.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your breath. You may not smell it yourself, but other’s perception of your breath and their reaction to it can have impact on your self-esteem. Bring a portable tooth brushing kit everywhere you go and make it a habit to clean your mouth after every meal, not just once or twice a day. Bring some mints too just in case. Visit the dentist regularly. You get the idea.

6. Consider a change of eye wear.

If you’re short or long sighted and require eye glasses, consider a change of eye wear, or even consider contact lenses. Visit an optician and ask her to recommend the eye wear style appropriate for your face. If you’re considering contact lenses, and it’s your first time trying after years of using eye glasses, consider how you look without glasses – do you have that sleepy eyes look? Do you have eye bags? Contact lenses may not be for everyone. As always, consult experts.

7. Use the Voice.

Like posture and body language, this is one of those tips where an external factor can also affect your internal state. Drink some water, take deep breaths, clear your throat and just follow these 2 tips:

  • Stand or sit with the right posture, breathe in and expand your belly, and speak at a pitch slightly lower than your normal one. Don’t need to go for the James Earl “Darth Vader” / “Mufasa” Jones, just a tad lower than normal.
  • Do. Not. Rush. Pronounce and enunciate every word clearly (without making it sound too condescending). Pace your words, use appropriate pauses in between phrases.

There you go. 7 tips you can use today! Now you have lesser excuse to say, ‘I’m just not the confident man type’. It takes work, but you have to start somewhere.