How to Create the Best Study Environment for You

Singapore is a very competitive place when it comes to education. Because of this, you would see hordes of students like you with their books in various places to study in Singapore. You can find peers just about everywhere, from coffee shops to parks, public libraries, and study spaces. Though lessons are uniform throughout schools in the country, study habits are not. And that is why you need to find the right environment for you to study.

Finding the right environment for you to study is important in your development both as a student and as an individual person. Knowing how you learn will help you excel in your studies, as well as train for tasks that come with your future occupations. That is why we created this guide on how to create the best study environment for you.

The right place

First, gauge yourself. What kind of learner are you? Do your studying senses flourish when you are alone, or when you’re with peers? Do you like studying in silence, or do sounds not pose any distractions to you? Also, are you easily distracted by external factors, such as hot weather, cute dogs passing by, or the smell of the person beside you in the coffee shop? Answers to these questions determine what kind of study environment is perfect for you.

Test yourself by going to different study environments. Do this at the start of the school year, and not in the middle, when your schedule is already very hectic. For example, you can study alone in a public library this weekend, then in a coffee shop with peers on the next. Then you can try studying in a pay-per-hour study room in Singapore. You can mix and match until you get the right combination.

If you already know where to study in Singapore, then you can start building on other factors.

The right sounds

There are students who like studying in complete silence and there are students who prefer having background music. If you are a person who likes studying with music on, then it’s important for you to use the right kind of music. Listening to light, familiar sounds or music can help you focus. You can even create your own study playlist.

The right lighting

You need to have adequate lighting in the study space that you choose. Schoolwork involves a lot of reading and writing, so it’s important to find a well-lighted environment so you won’t strain your eyes. If you like studying in coffee shops or at home, find a spot where you can get as much natural sunlight. Then, transfer to an equally well-lighted area once the sun sets. If you like studying in public libraries and paid study spaces, then make sure that it has good fluorescent lighting.

Finally, put away your mobile phone and log off social media. Only have your books, laptop, and study supplies on your desk. Maintain a good posture. Finally, don’t forget to take breaks and relax.