How Muslim Women Can Empower Themselves with Fashionable Hijab Style & Clothing

Islam is the second largest religion with nearly 1.6 billion followers and counting. Yet, there are still many Muslims being discriminated and ostracized simply for practising Islam. Muslim women often face the brunt of these unwarranted discrimination especially because of the way they dress.

Muslim women should not have to put up with this cruel criticism against the way they dress. If anything, they should actually be praised of how they dress. From the dawn of civilisation till today, men have progressed from wearing nothing to putting clothes on their backs to look and appear empowered and respectable among other people. If wearing clothes garners someone such empowerment and respect, then Muslim women who dressed in modest clothings from head to toe should be given the highest form of empowerment and respect any person could possibly receive.

So how then can Muslim women enpower themselves with fashionable Muslim clothing? Well, read the rest of the article to find out more.

The first step to empowerment is by donning fashionable abaya designs. An abaya is not just a blouse that comes complete with long sleeves and skirts. Rather, abayas are usually made of materials such as crepe, polyester and silk which provide comfort and confidence to the Muslim women wearing them. In addition, modern day abayas come in bright and beautiful design and colours, thus lifting up the spirits and mood of Muslim women.

Apart from wearing abayas to cover their modesty, Muslim women also wear hijabs to cover their head, hair and neckline areas. So the next way they can empower themselves is by wearing fashionable hijab style. Many hijabs nowadays come with eye catching colours and elegant designs such as glittery net laces, gold patches, diamond beads and all sorts of prints. On top of that, some hijabs are designed to include features like being able to wear spectacles and earphones with ease without having to remove the hijabs altogether.

A lesser known way in which Muslim women can empower themselves is through the use of fashionable burkini swimwear. In the past, it was thought that swimming activities were something Muslim women were deprived of due to the prohibition of wearing skimpy outfits that reveal too much flesh and cleavage. But burkini swimwears have enabled Muslim women to enjoy water activities with ease and flexibility without worrrying about exposing their modesty. This in turn has helped Muslim women to build their overall confidence and self-esteem.

With all that is said about how Muslim women can empower themselves with fashionable Muslim clothing, how then can they purchase these clothings? There are of course many Muslim fashion shops out there that provide these clothings.

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