Best Hairstyles for Clean-Shaven Look

Choosing the right hairstyle to match your clean-shaven face is important. Making yourself look good doesn’t end after your shaving routine. You also need to change your hairstyle to complement your new look.

Here are just some hairstyles that you can try after having your next shave.

Classic French Crop

Credit: All Things Hair

The classic French crop has short hair on the back and the sides with a longer top. Depending on the length of your hair, you can comb the hair on top forward, or push it to either side. If you want to look formal or professional, ask your barber to do a blunt cut. But if you want to have the rugged look, then you can request for your barber to use the point cutting method. The longer your hair on top, the easier for you to creatively style your hair.

Contemporary French Crop

Credit: Wisiwatch

The Contemporary French Crop is also known to many millennials as the undercut. Basically, the hair on the sides and back have a more defined fade, while the top hair remains long.

Caesar Cut

Credit: The Hair Style Daily

Another great hairstyle for clean-shaven blokes is the Ceasar Cut. The style was named after the legendary Roman politician and military general. Basically, it’s a short haircut with horizontal straight cut bangs. It’s one of the oldest hairstyles that men still sport until today.

Long Side Part

Credit: Pinterest

The long side part is a short hairstyle with the top hair parted to one side so that it looks longer than it is. Achieve this hairstyle by simply changing your part. Put some gel on the long side so it stays in place. It’s easy and inexpensive as it doesn’t require a trip to the barbershop.

Slicked Back Hair

Credit: Hairstyle on Point

Instead of combing your hair forward, comb it backward to highlight your clean-shaven face. This will work for men who have longer hair on top.

The Man Fringe

Credit: Pinterest

The man fringe is a hairstyle with short sides and back and fringe cut hair on top. The result is a “messy bangs” look that’s distinct from classic haircuts.  D’Marge magazine shows you several ways that you can style the man fringe.

Long Hair

Credit: Hairstyle on Point

You can still sport a longer hairstyle even after you shave – but not too long. If you want to keep your long hair after a shave, then have it chopped shoulder-length. Or you can grow your hair until it reaches your shoulder, then shave. This is a fairly uncommon hairstyle, but doable, especially if you have straight and fine hair.

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