About Me

I started following different positive psychology and self-improvement resources about 7 years ago when I decided I need a change in my life. For a while, I’d been struggling with unrealistic expectations, negativity towards myself and frustrations that filled my daily life. One day, when I realized that I was tired of waking up passive, negative and counter-productive, I made the biggest change in my life. I started changing my way of thinking.

It might sound funny, but following different blogs about living a spiritual life, living at peace with yourself and being your best self was the only thing that really motivated me to get up and start doing something. This is why I am here now to do just the same – I want to motivate other people to change their lives for the better, start accepting themselves and making positive changes. I guess that this is my personal way of saying thank you, I want to pay back and hope that while you’re reading it, I can ignite a spark in your soul and turn you on a better path.

On my pages you will find plenty of useful information on positive thinking, some crucial steps you have to take to change something in your life and other lifestyle information. I also review different scientific articles or observations from time to time that could possibly help people understand the power of their brain and how it works. I truly believe that if you have information, you are already warned, so you will analyze your current situation better and empower yourself to turn it around in your favor.

Let’s make that positive changes together and help each other on our way to becoming the best selves we could possibly be.