5 Reasons Why Your Meditation Routine Might Not Work

Meditative practices are spreading like fire, even among those people who are far away from Eastern practices and spirituality. And at the same time, there are more and more people shouting that meditations don’t work for them. If you take a closer look, you will see interesting patterns and understand why your practices are not taking your anywhere.

Reasons Why Your Meditation Fails (And How to Change This)

  1. You’re not doing it consequently.
    It’s crucial not just to do it day by day, but to actually set a specific time frame for your meditations. This will allow you focus easier and faster.
  2. You don’t have a proper guide.
    It’s really important to have something (or someone) to guide you, especially when you’re just starting. Otherwise, you’re risking to simply sit straight for 20 minutes, doing nothing. You can sign up for a course or download an app with guidance.
  3. You want it here and now.
    Your results won’t come immediately after your first try. If you want to achieve enlightenment and turn into a Buddha, you will need years or practice. Inner peace doesn’t come at once and it’s okay.
  4. You are doing it wrong.
    Many people start with 20 minutes of meditation. Right, sitting straight in a not-so-comfortable position, trying to maintain inner peace for 20 minutes sharp would indeed seem like a stressful task. Try to build up to it, start with 5 minutes a day.
  5. You’re switching all the time.
    Yes, there are many different techniques you might want to try, but if you’re jumping back and forth, you’re getting nothing from it. Try to choose one routine and stick to it. If you see that you’re not good, try a different one, but give it time.

It’s much easier to give up than to admit that you’re doing something wrong. But if you work on your mistakes, you might find a way to enrich your life and revitalize your nervous system without the expensive stuff. Meditation is indeed an affordable practice that only takes intention.