• Choosing the right hairstyle to match your clean-shaven face is important. Making yourself look good doesn’t end after your shaving routine. You also need to change your hairstyle to complement your new look. Here are just some hairstyles that you can try after having your next shave. Classic French Crop The classic French crop has… [Continue Reading]

    Best Hairstyles for Clean-Shaven Look
  • Modern men usually use electronic razors to do a dry shave. But, with the rise of the modern gentleman trend, more men are now mastering the art of the wet shave. The traditional wet shave involves the use of a blade shaver, cream, gel, or soap, and a shaving brush. The process takes a bit… [Continue Reading]

    How to Do a Wet Shave
  • Essential oils detoxify our bodies from impurities and enrich our system to prevent us from acquiring illnesses. But essential oils aren’t only for the body. These natural essences are as good for our minds and spirits as they are good for our bodies. These oils are acquired through distillation or cold pressing. For the Spirit… [Continue Reading]

    Essential Oils That are Good for Your Mind and Spirit
  • Islam is the second largest religion with nearly 1.6 billion followers and counting. Yet, there are still many Muslims being discriminated and ostracized simply for practising Islam. Muslim women often face the brunt of these unwarranted discrimination especially because of the way they dress. Muslim women should not have to put up with this cruel… [Continue Reading]

    How Muslim Women Can Empower Themselves with Fashionable Hijab Style & Clothing
  • If you are a Muslim and looking to plan your next overseas trip, then you will probably be searching for Halal and Muslim friendly cities to visit. Regardless if you are searching for brilliant halal food in Singapore, sumptuous halal restaurants in London or affordable halal food in Bangkok, these cities need to be friendly… [Continue Reading]

    How Traveling to Muslim Friendly Cities will Improve your Faith and Spirituality