• If you are a Muslim and looking to plan your next overseas trip, then you will probably be searching for Halal and Muslim friendly cities to visit. Regardless if you are searching for brilliant halal food in Singapore, sumptuous halal restaurants in London or affordable halal food in Bangkok, these cities need to be friendly… [Continue Reading]

    How Traveling to Muslim Friendly Cities will Improve your Faith and Spirituality
  • Thick mustaches and long beards have successfully made a comeback, but the clean-shaven look has never gone out of style.  In fact, shaving has improved its game, with online shaving clubs and shaving subscriptions ruling the market for the past few years now. Rather than looking for a place to buy shaver online, men and… [Continue Reading]

    Why You Need a Shaving Subscription
  • The school year has just started, so you might be thinking, “Isn’t it a little too early for me to begin reviewing for my O-levels?” Yes, the O-level examinations are more than five months away, but it does help to prepare early. It’s better to start studying early rather than do intense mugging just a… [Continue Reading]

    How to Study for Your O-Levels
  • Being in a wheelchair is not a hindrance to chasing success. In fact, being wheelchair-bound serves as a motivation for some people to work harder and excel in their field. Here are some famous people in wheelchairs who lived exemplary lives. Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking is a prolific theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist, and professor at Cambridge.… [Continue Reading]

    Famous Exemplary Personalities in Wheelchairs
  • Developing study habits is important to help you achieve your schooling and career goals. Having good study habits helps you in three important ways. First, it makes schooling easier and may help you land good grades. Second, habits help you learn important tasks in your future career. Finally, good study habits contribute to your overall… [Continue Reading]

    Study Tips To Help You Become a Better Student